Sri Ramanananda Maharshi - Shirdi Sai Anugrahpeetam

Introduction and Seva Programs of Tatvadarshi Shaktipaata Siddha Yogiswarulu SiddhaGuru Sri Ramanananda Maharshi.

Among 84 lakh forms of living creatures, the human birth is the greatest and the most precious. It is envied even by the Gods. The main aim, main duty and ultimate goal of human life, all put together, is attaining Self-realization (Atmasaakshaatkara) and acquiring Brahmagyana.

ParamaGuru Shirdi Sai Baba with his grace has bestowed on all the true aspirants seeking Brahmagyana and Atmasaakshaatkara, a SiddhaGuru who is Sri Ramanananda Maharshi.

Tatvadarshi Sri Ramanananda Maharshi was born on April 27, 1968 in the Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh, India. By the grace of Shirdi Sai Baba, Maharshiji attained Atmasaakshaatkara on June 29, 1995 and experienced Nirvikalpa Samadhi for 21 days. With Sai’s grace, Maharshiji authored many great books. He also had the opportunity to interview descendants (sons, grandsons etc.) of 27 direct disciples of Shirdi Sai and wrote about their lives in several volumes by the name Paramaguruvutho Sahajeevanam (Living with Paramaguru). His first books namely Atmadarshana Anubhuti, Shaktipaatam, Shirdi Sai Anugraha Rahasyam and Shirdi Sai Seva Rahasyam are great storehouses of power and knowledge. Maharshiji also composed and sung more than 150 songs (Sankeertanas) on Shirdi Sai Baba.

By the immense grace of ParamaGuru Shirdi Sai, Maharshiji has been blessed with Shaktipaata Siddhi, the ability to transmit divine power to others.
Maharshiji provides Shaktipaatham and Meditation technique (Dhyana Sikshana) to countless people, thereby giving them instant peace, divine visions, freedom from diseases, ability to meditate, etc. and also the ultimate Kundalini Jaagruti.

Sri Ramanananda Maharshiji after completing 12 Years of Shirdi Sai Seva, conducted a massive devotional act called “Gnana Daana Maha Yagna” of bestowing spiritual wisdom by the distribution of one lakh free copies of Shirdi Sai Anugraha Seva Rahasyam (Telugu version).
Many devotees who read this unique book with love and devotion have freed themselves from the restlessness of mind, gained supreme bliss, had divine experiences in their daily life and also had visions of Shirdi Sai Baba. With the instant response and the zeal and diligence of several devotees, Maharshiji decided to distribute One Million (10 Lakh) copies of this compendium in Telugu and other languages.

Until now, Swamiji conducted 36 Gyana Yagnas and the Ashtotthara Satha Pravachana Maha Yagnam was started on 2007 December 16 and is still going on relentlessly throughout India and abroad. He also provides service through Bhakti TV telecast to reach crores of devotees in India and abroad. Many devotees listen to the Pravachanams (Sayings) of Maharshi and are mesmerized by the derived bliss and knowledge, thereby obtaining the grace and blessings of Shirdi Sai to reach the ultimate goal of human life i.e. Self-Realization and Liberation.