Sai! Sai! Sai!

From the depths of slumber, As I ascend the
spiral stairwayof wakefulness, I whisper:
Sai! Sai! Sai!

Thou art the food, and when I break my
fast Of nightly separation from Thee,
I taste Thee, and mentally say:
Sai! Sai! Sai!

No matter where I go, the spotlight of
my mind Ever keeps turning on Thee;
And in the battle din of activity My
silent war cry is ever:
Sai! Sai! Sai!

When boisterous storms of trials
shriek, And when worries howl at me,
I drown their clamor, loudly chanting:
Sai! Sai! Sai!

When my mind weaves dreams With threads
of memories,Then on that magic
cloth I find embossed:
Sai! Sai! Sai!

Every night, in time of deepest sleep,
My peace dreams and calls, Joy! Joy! Joy!
And my joy comes singing evermore:
Sai! Sai! Sai!

In waking, eating, working, dreaming,
sleeping, Serving, meditating, chanting,
divinely loving, My soul constantly hums, unheard by any:
Sai! Sai! Sai!

Wonder what’s so exclusive about your eyes
That takes me by surprise….

As if trying to stop and question me
“When will you become one with me?”

Why do you look at me that way
With mercy and love that draws me away
From all the troubles and pain
And makes me fall in love with you all over again?

I look away because of my ignorance
Trying to escape from them
But they would not leave me
Till I promise to drown myself in them

But I in turn question them
Is it possible for me to escape all the agony and pain?

And they say “Meditate on us again and again”


Beautiful like the lotus
They say…”Hold on to us
come what may, don’t you worry

Look at us like you would, the moon
From amidst the branches of a tree

Pouring from us is the holy water
Immerse your spirit, cleanse your character

Wash us with your tears, wash away your sins…
Get rid of the outs and ins
Of the heart that turns you away…
Like a pendulum you sway
Between the opposites of duality

Surrender to us
We’ll set you free from cyclicality
Of births and deaths
This is our promise”

Dumbfounded I ask myself “Can anything get better than this?”


By a mere touch with your hand
My inner enemies, you kill

By a mere look at your hand
Your protection, I feel

For, I know that the Ultimate Power
Vested in your hand is my only savior

You pull the wires of my life
Knowing all about my past, present and future

I think to myself, “What am I waiting for?
Let me become your puppet
‘Coz in the end, there’s nothing to regret”

Delicious is the food you cook
For you place your hand in the cooking pot

You burn your hand to save a life
Since, soft as butter, is your heart

In the same hand, I place my life
Coz’ there’s no safer place than that


I am born in the hearts filled with love
I appear on the lips of the devout
I am that sound of freedom
That liberates the sought

Yes! I am that word, SAI

I calm the anxious
I bless with instant peace
I remove the difficulties
And the sins, I cease

Yes! I am that name, SAI

I am the two syllable ultimate truth
I contain ISA, the name
Of the Supreme Beatitude
And again, I originate from the same

Yes! I’m that charm, SAI

Stunning is your throne,
Radiant as the light of freedom
Golden is your crown
Studded with gems of wisdom

Elegant is your dress
Adorned with love for devotees
Graceful is your turban
Knotted with their responsibilities

Brilliant is your scarf
With colors of tranquility
Fragrant is your garland
With the smell of liberty
Pleasant is your chain
With pearls of ecstasy

Gorgeous is your decoration
That sweeps me in rapture
This form of yours
I want to capture
Forever and forever!!!