Sri Ramanananda Maharshi Songs Shirdi Sai Divya Prema Sankeertanam

Tatvadarsi Sri Ramanananda Maharshi has written, composed and sung many songs with his melodious voice. To hear samples please visit The CD's and Cassettes are available under the name Shirdi Sai Divya Prema Sankeertanam and Sammohana Gandharva Shirdi Sai Ganaamrutham.

These are not just songs sung by a singer, these are songs sung by a Tatvadarsi who composed and sang the songs in his Antharmukha state. When you listen to a song you can feel the passion with which Maharshiji sang these songs on our Paramaguru Shirdi Sai.

Shirdi Sai Baba books

Sri Ramanananda Maharshi has written a lot of books on our beloved Shirdi SaiBaba.
Below is the list of books that Maharshiji has written:
1) Atma Darsana Anubuthi
2) Shaktipaatam
3) Shirdi Sai Anugraha Rahasyam
4) Shirdi Sai Seva Rahasyam
5) Parama Gurutho Sahajeevanam

Also as part of the 1 millions free book distribution a book named 'Shirdi Sai Anugraha Seva Rahasyam' which contains the contents of books listed above (from 1 to 4) is being distributed.

Shirdi Sai Anugraha Peetam Ramanananda Maharshi Ebook

An excellent ebook for Shirdi Sai devotees. These are Divine Nectar words from Shirdi Sai Anugraha Peetam Peetadipathi Sri Ramanananda Maharshi Swami. Please do read and try to contemplate on those words.
I am hereby providing some sayings (from the book)

1) There is no greater soul who is omniscient and omnipotent than Shirdi Sai in the entire kaliyuga and even in all the four yugas.
2) The path of Shirdi Sai is the path of Love. The greater your Love, the greater is HIS benevolence.
3) Meditation without Love is a waste. Study of Shastras without Love is a time waste. It is futile to serve Guru without Love.
4) Love for Guru would generate only when you surrender your ego to Him.
5) The transmission of Guru's yogic power on Sadhaka is called Shaktipatha (Shaktipatham).

Guru awakens the Kundalini hidden in 'Mooladhara' chakra through Shaktipatam.
Ramanananda Maharshi Swami gives Shaktipatam to ardent seekers who have complete faith in the Guru. Please visit the web site for future programs of Shirdi Sai Anugraha Peetam.

Sai! Sai! Sai!

From the depths of slumber, As I ascend the
spiral stairwayof wakefulness, I whisper:
Sai! Sai! Sai!

Thou art the food, and when I break my
fast Of nightly separation from Thee,
I taste Thee, and mentally say:
Sai! Sai! Sai!

No matter where I go, the spotlight of
my mind Ever keeps turning on Thee;
And in the battle din of activity My
silent war cry is ever:
Sai! Sai! Sai!

When boisterous storms of trials
shriek, And when worries howl at me,
I drown their clamor, loudly chanting:
Sai! Sai! Sai!

When my mind weaves dreams With threads
of memories,Then on that magic
cloth I find embossed:
Sai! Sai! Sai!

Every night, in time of deepest sleep,
My peace dreams and calls, Joy! Joy! Joy!
And my joy comes singing evermore:
Sai! Sai! Sai!

In waking, eating, working, dreaming,
sleeping, Serving, meditating, chanting,
divinely loving, My soul constantly hums, unheard by any:
Sai! Sai! Sai!

Wonder what’s so exclusive about your eyes
That takes me by surprise….

As if trying to stop and question me
“When will you become one with me?”

Why do you look at me that way
With mercy and love that draws me away
From all the troubles and pain
And makes me fall in love with you all over again?

I look away because of my ignorance
Trying to escape from them
But they would not leave me
Till I promise to drown myself in them

But I in turn question them
Is it possible for me to escape all the agony and pain?

And they say “Meditate on us again and again”


Beautiful like the lotus
They say…”Hold on to us
come what may, don’t you worry

Look at us like you would, the moon
From amidst the branches of a tree

Pouring from us is the holy water
Immerse your spirit, cleanse your character

Wash us with your tears, wash away your sins…
Get rid of the outs and ins
Of the heart that turns you away…
Like a pendulum you sway
Between the opposites of duality

Surrender to us
We’ll set you free from cyclicality
Of births and deaths
This is our promise”

Dumbfounded I ask myself “Can anything get better than this?”


By a mere touch with your hand
My inner enemies, you kill

By a mere look at your hand
Your protection, I feel

For, I know that the Ultimate Power
Vested in your hand is my only savior

You pull the wires of my life
Knowing all about my past, present and future

I think to myself, “What am I waiting for?
Let me become your puppet
‘Coz in the end, there’s nothing to regret”

Delicious is the food you cook
For you place your hand in the cooking pot

You burn your hand to save a life
Since, soft as butter, is your heart

In the same hand, I place my life
Coz’ there’s no safer place than that


I am born in the hearts filled with love
I appear on the lips of the devout
I am that sound of freedom
That liberates the sought

Yes! I am that word, SAI

I calm the anxious
I bless with instant peace
I remove the difficulties
And the sins, I cease

Yes! I am that name, SAI

I am the two syllable ultimate truth
I contain ISA, the name
Of the Supreme Beatitude
And again, I originate from the same

Yes! I’m that charm, SAI

Stunning is your throne,
Radiant as the light of freedom
Golden is your crown
Studded with gems of wisdom

Elegant is your dress
Adorned with love for devotees
Graceful is your turban
Knotted with their responsibilities

Brilliant is your scarf
With colors of tranquility
Fragrant is your garland
With the smell of liberty
Pleasant is your chain
With pearls of ecstasy

Gorgeous is your decoration
That sweeps me in rapture
This form of yours
I want to capture
Forever and forever!!!

Ramanananda Maharshi Shaktipatam

Here is an insight into Shaktipaatham and Kundalini awakening. Sri Ramanananda Maharshi has performed Shaktipaatham to thousands of devotees and they have experienced peace.

So how does it work? How to awaken Kundalini?
One should become perfectly desireless and should be full of Vairagya before attempting to awaken Kundalini. It can be awakened only when a man rises above Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha,Mada and Matsarya. Kundalini can be awakened through rising above desires of the senses. The Yogi, who has got a pure heart and a mind free from passions and desires will be benefited by awakening Kundalini.
A person must have purity first; then a thorough knowledge of the Sadhana, a steady, gradual practice and most importantly a proper Guru...It is due to our merits in previous births that we have found our ParamaGuru Shirdi Sai and Living SadGuru Sri Ramanananda Maharshi.

sthàvaram jangamam vyàptam yatkincit sacaràcaram |
tatpadam darsitam yena tasmai srigurave namah ||
“Salutations to the Guru who has made it possible to realise Him by whom all this world, animate and inanimate, movable and immovable, is pervaded.”

Shirdi Sai Seva Rahasyam

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Chapter7: Serve Sai with the knowledge that he is the soul of the universe(P​arabrahma)​                 Go Up
You have grasped that the aspirant need to know who Sai is before he starts loving Sai,before worshipping Him, contemplating on Him,and before starting to serve Him.Only when the fact is realized,the aspirant's worship will be qualitative,exalted and direct.
Sai stayed in Shirdi for 60 years.Some people called him as embodied spirit(a corporeal being).
For his power of working leelas(miracles) some others called Sai as Siddhapursha. For bringing out his hungs and hanging them on a tree,some people called him Sai maha Yogi. For remembering Allah Mallik quite often,some called Sai a devotee of Allah. For chanting the name of Rama now and often,some people called Sai a devotee of Lord Rama

Finally,who do you think SAI is?Which above statements is true?If you question so Let us hear what Sai has said about himself:
How do you know for certain who really I am?This body is perishable.Brahman(the Self)alone is indestructible.That is my real nature or natural form.I am not this Corporeal form consisting of mind,intellect and sensory organs.I am not this universe.I am the eye-witness;the eternal one;I am one without beginning.I am Brahman.I am very holy and one who is emancipated from the body.So devotees should truly know me and worship me in a proper way.They should seek refuge in me alone and become one with me.
Parabrahma(the Lord God) is SAI.
The Self that gives evidence to everything is Sai.
The Self that gives evidence to everything is SAI.
What is Parabrahma or Self means?
On whom Brahma,Vishnu,Maheswara always contemplate(Think about).
Who shins in the form of Gyana in every heart,
Who is witness to all minds,
Who is the Guru of Narayan,Dakshinamurthy and Dattatreya Swami,
That Parabrahman is SAI.

O Aspirant!
This Supreme Lord is also called Siva,Adi Guru(Primeval teacher),and Transcendental form which is eternal,full of knowledge and bliss.
So,the self that is pervading the universe is SAI.The indwelling Supreme Spirit in your heart is SAI.Sai bears witness to your heart and mind.
Thus,always bear in mind that SAI is PARABRAHMA, and serve Him .
Practice like this and attain heaven.

Chapter6.2: Unders​tand SAI's Natural State(Real Form)and Serve Him                 Go Up

Sai Baba has 5 forms:
1.The corporeal form.(The body form)
2.The Subtle Supreme Spiritual Form(In dreams and in meditation)
3.The Corporeal Iswara Form(You will see Sai in every place and every where like gopikas Saw lord Krishna and Swamiji See Sai baba)
4.The Subtle Supreme Iswara Form(Viswaroopa,Like Lord Krishna showed to Arjuna)
5.The Parameswara Form(Self Realisation)
When the aspirant with constant practice step by step sees these five forms he becomes a true philosopher(an inspired teacher)
When the aspirant with constant practice step by step sees these five forms he becomes a true philosopher(an inspired teacher)
Everybody can easily see Sai's Corporeal form(Body form or in physically photo form).Many can see Subtle Supreme Spiritual form(In dream and in meditation).The remaining 3 visions are difficult to attain.Like Gopikas saw lord krishna and Swamiji saw Sai baba we can see Sai in every part of the universe.Swamiji had this experience started from November 2003.First time in shirdi .Whereever swamiji looked,he saw the head of Sai in different sizes.First he saw it on earth.Now it appears at all places.Not only have i seen the Sai-Form,but also showed it to several others.The devotees who saw it were amazed.
Here one doubt occurs
1.Gopikas saw lord krishna where and in every atom
2.Swamiji saw Sai baba in every atom and every part of the world.
so which is truth?Reason is: Iswara is illusory in appearance.That means He can assume any form by means of his power of illusion.In fact,Iswara has no single definite shape.Since Gopikas have worshipped Shri Krishna.They have seen him every where in world.Since i have worshipped Sai,Swamiji have the vision of Sai everywhere.That is the difference.

Iswara is like mirror.It reflects the images of the objects that are placed before it.So also,whatever Guru you serve and contemplate,you will see the Guru-form everywhere in the world.

O Aspirant these are five steps for attaining total Gnana(Theoretical knowledge).

One step is more subtle(deeper) than others.Let's try to achieve step by step by doing Sincere Sadhana.Without stopping at any step with pride have the vision of Parameswara(Self Realization).The vision of Parameswara is total.
The earlier four are the visions to be seen with the mind's eye.
Parameswara-form is beyond the capacity of the mind,and you can viewed independent of the mind.
The remaining four are viewed in illusion, or we fancy them.
Parameswara-Form is viewed berefy of fancy or illusion.
This is called Supreme knowledge or deep meditation.In this divine vision you yourself will remain as parameswara.You will shine as parameswara.
Only when the aspirant attains this,will he get Self-Realization.He gets beatitude.
Practice like this and enjoy Supreme Peace.

Chapter6.1: Unders​tand SAI's Natural State(Real Form)and Serve Him                 Go Up

Sai makes me speak out some quite hidden secrets.Listen attentively.
Sai has 3 natural forms:
1.Parameswara Form(the Supreme Lord)
The Parameswara form is the One Self without name, attribute or modes of material nature,and as the fountain of intelligence and happiness.This form ins called Adi Guru and also Parabrahma(the supreme God).Sai advised His disciple to contemplate on this Parameswara Form.Swamiji saw the Parameswara-Form,was in 1995.This is also called Self-Realization.

2.Iswara Form
If formless Self,having affinity with Maya(illusion),transforms into the most auspicious form,it is called Adi Parasakti(the primeval personified energy).
a.The Corporeal Iswara Form.

If we view the Universal Form(Adi Guru) of the Supreme Soul in Corporeal Form we call it Corporeal Iswara Form.
eg:Gopikas have seen Lord Sri krishna's Corporeal Iswara form at Brindavanam.In every tiny article they have seen SriKrishna.
eg:Swamiji saw Sai Corporeal Iswara form from November 2003.For the first time I had this divine experience in Shirdi.Wherever I looked,I saw the head of Sai in different sizes.First,I saw it on the earth.Now it appear at all places.Not only have I seen the Sai-Form,but also showed it to several others.The devotees who saw it were amazed.

b.The Subtle Supreme Iswara Form
If we view the all-pervading Super Soul with super sensuous sight,we call it the Subtle Supreme Iswara Form.
eg: Arjuna sees the entire Universe in Lord Sri Krishna Himself.

3.Corporeal form
a.The Corporeal form
Sai's embodied spirit that traversed Shirdi for 60 years is called Corporeal Form.The original photograph of Sai that we see is also the Corporeal form.

b.The Subtle Supreme Spiritual form.
If we have the vision of Sai,either in our meditation or in a dream,it will be called the Subtle Spiritual Supreme Form.

Chapter5: Before you serve the Guru,Try to know his essential nature(Tatva)                 Go Up

Before serving the Guru,the aspirant should clearly understand the essential nature(Tattva) of the Guru.Only then, The aspirant's service will be exalted and excellent. Otherwise,the aspirant will be like a frog in the well with a narrow outlook in worship.

If one is a devotee of Vishnu,Sankara or mother durga,or any other diety matter,one should understand the Guru Tattva.Otherwise,it will be impossible to attain Self-Realization and beatitude.

The scripture also says:
Those who cannot understand the Guru Tattva,even if they are performers of yajnas,yogis,they cannot get salvation.

To serve Sai Systematically ,to continue to think of Sai,the devotee should first understand the Sai Tattva.Most writters have wrriten only about Sai Pastimes and all-pervasiveness,but they failed to say what the Sai Tattva is.
Rama is different from Rama Tattva.
Rama is corporeal,and Rama Tattva is subtle.
Rama is illusion(Maya).Rama tattva is beyond illusion(Mayateetham).

That is why Maharshi Valmiki has written 2 masterpieces:
1.The Ramayana

If people read the Ramayana,they cannot understand who Rama is,and His real nature.If they study "Yogavasishta" once.Then people will know who Rama is and also His essential nature."Yogavasishta" is a book that does not say about Rama the person,but about Rama's essential nature (Tattva).
Try to understand Sai tattva first.Baba made his disciples to read the books to know Tattva clearly.
So try to read slowly and systematically understand the real meaning.Grasp the Sai Tattva.

Chapter4.2: Serve SAI As Guru,Not As God                 Go Up

O Kinsman of Sai! Today it is a very auspicious day for you.
A propitious day,because you have become the disciple of an Ultimate Guru(Shirdi Sai).Resolve today itself.

Do not consult a pachanga to know if it is a n auspicious day or not. Do not bother about 'Tithi(a Lunar day) at all!!
This very moment is divinely auspicious time.Today is a good day.This is nothing but truth.Some say that there are only devotees of Sai, but no disciples.Only when you become the disciple, Sai will become the Guru,is it not so?So,it is not sensible to say no.
One day Sai Himself taught this point to a lady devotee: One day,a rich women visited Sai with money heaped on a platter.She stood before Sai for four days.Sai did not ask her for Dakshina(an offering made in money).On the fourth day she addressed Sai:"Baba! I have come seeking a Guru.Kindly accept this 'Dakshina' and as a Guru intimate me to lead a spritual life."
Then Sai Said:
"Look here,mother!Guru will never on his own become a Guru to you.You only accept Him as you Guru.Even if you consider a piece of broken pot as your Guru.You can reach your goal."

O Aspirant! What i am trying to change is your feelings and disposition,but not your devotion.The greatness of disposition is immense(huge).
Therefore, serve Sai as your Guru, and attain eternal bliss!.

Chapter4.1: Serve SAI As Guru,Not As God                 Go Up

Devotees Serve Sai in 2 ways:
1.As God
2.As Guru

90 % worship Sai as God;Only 10 % worship as Guru.It is better to worship Sai as Guru.The reason is Simple:Either God or Guru is a lover of feelings and mental perceptions.He bestows His gifts as per our feelings.
If you serve Sai as God, all your hardships and material losses will be eliminated.But not Brahma Gnana(Knowledge of the Self).In addition to removal and hardships and losses, and gaining worldly prosperity,if the aspirant wishes to attain Brahma Gnana, he has to worship Sai as Guru(The spritual master).

Sai Quizzes:
You need to know the Guru.Otherwise,why did you come?To pick dungcakes?

O Aspirant!
Do a pious act today itself."O Sai, you are my Guru in this birth;Kindly lead me;shower you benevolence on me."That should be your resolve.At once you will become a Sai Disciple.

If you serve Sai as devotee,Sai's responsiblity for you will be less.
If you serve Sai as a disciple.Sai's responsibility for you will be great.
Sai Said To Tara Bhai:
"I was with you in several previous births.I will be with you in all the future births.We will meet again and again.I am accountable to Allah for every paisa given to me."

The moment you accept Sai as your Guru,Sai starts teaching you,besides giving you adequate experiences. With that your ordinary life transforms into spiritual life. It will be beginning to enjoy divine bliss.

Chapter3.2: Service to the Guru is greater than Service to God                 Go Up

Sai,through His life,advocated Guru Bhakti,but not devotion to God.With all His experience in life,Sai Preached that Guru Bhakti is greater and more excellent than devotion to God.

Parama Shiva:
O Parvathi!This knowledge of Self comes through Guru leading to salvation.A prudent person should treat Guru Bhakthi as superior and as his Primary duty.

Siddha Maha Guru Vemanna:
It will not be possible to attain Self-Realization to either Brahma or his father Vishnu without a Guru's guidance.It is not possible to open the door without the key;so also ignorance cannot be eradicated without Guru.

Siddha Guru Ramanananda Swamy:
Every year its custom in our family to go to tirupathi.The moment i had the vision of Sai,and from the day on which Sai entered my life.I stopped going to Tirupati.I have made it a point to go to Shirdi once or twice a year.It is a long time since i had visited Tirupathi.
The reason: The mental peace that i get in Shirdi ,I cannot get in tirupati.The mental stability and concentration i get at shirdi,I cannot get at Tirupati.The Freedom from worldly attachment;and the spritual bliss I experience at Shirdi, I cannot experience at Tirupati.
Why Tirupati alone:from kanyakumari to the himalayas ,I have not gained such experience at any shrine.Then i know the glory of the place of the Guru and its value.
If we want to go to shirdi.The call from Sai has to come. Sai said:No one can come here unless i bring them the devotees here.
When the Aspirant questions whom he should serve and which is the most precious of all services,the Upanishad answers:"Atma Seva"(Service to the Self)

Chandogya Upanishad:
Realise the Self,hear only about the self.Think of the Self and contemplate on the Self.

Bhagwan Shankara also speaks about this truth:
Think of the Guru the glorious Lord God,
Muse on the Guru the glorious Lord God,
Bow to the Guru the glorious Lord God,
Worship the Guru the glorious Lord God.

Is it easy to serve the Self?It is very difficult.Only those who attained Self-Realization can worship and contemplate the Self.For those who have not attained Self-Realization,It will be very difficult.

So all Scriptures climbed down one step;that one step is Guru Seva.
1.The Guru has a shape or form;So devotees can well contemplate that form.
2.The Guru has a body;they can serve that very well.
3.The Guru has a noble qualities,so,they can extol(praise) those qualities.
That is why the scripture say that Guru Seva is the best of all.

Therefore, O aspirant!
Put a stop to ignorant ways of worshiping one god on Monday,another on Tuesday,and another on Wednesday, and so on. Sai is like an ocean.All rivers flow in channels to the sea and merge with it.So also all deities merge on Sai.

On all 7 days of week,worship Sai; and serve him. When you realize that Worship of Guru is superior,and service to Guru is most excellent,then you need to practice it with love and attention.Only then you will attain divine bliss.

Chapter3.1: Service to the Guru is greater than Service to God                 Go Up

Devotion is of 3 types:
1.Devotion to God.
2.Devotion to Guru
3.Devotion of Self

Whichever deity you worship of 33 crore gods or godess,it is known as devotion to God. If you worship or serve a Guru who has attained Self-Realization,ascetic perfection and superhuman powers,it is known as Devotion to the Guru. If you worship serve the formless Self,it is known as devotion to Self.

There are 4 four steps to enjoy eternal bliss and heaven.After getting Self-Realization,the mind gets destroyed, and after getting freedom from the cycle of births and deaths:
1.To have the visions of God as a result of pious acts in previous births in the first step
2.To have the vision of the Guru by the grace of God is the second step.
3.To attain Self-Realization by the grace of the Guru is the third step.
4.To get eternal bliss by the grace of the self is the fourth step.

It is not of primary importance to say how great is your deity(god).It is of primary importance to say how great your devotion is to your diety.

Vishnu purana:
My devotee that hate shankara,and Shankara devotee who hate me will both be thrown into hell,and they will suffer there as long as the Sun and moon exist.

Yogi Vemana:
People engage in the skirmshes trying to know the greatest of the Trinity-Brahma-Vishnu-Maheswara.Unable to decide,they are doomed to Hell.They never know that there is one primeval God.Parabrahma,beyond the reach of all those three gods.

Hemand Pant:
We can try 3 principal things in life,Such as Dharma,Ardha and Kama.But the final principal thing is Moksha can only be obtained with the help of Guru.

Ramana maharshi:
We can get mental peace by the help of Sadguru only.

Shirdi Sai:
What we have to wish is not the other worlds,but the impersonal aspect of the Absolute beyond the worlds. So don't ask vaikunta or kailsa or Devi loka.Always ask the benevolence and love should be aimed at attaining Brahma Gnana(the true knowledge). A Shirdi Sai devotee is like a Degree student.A worshipper of other dieties(God) is like an Intermediate student.

Kabir Das:
When a disciple asked Kabir to whom he should bow if God and Guru appeared before him at the same time,he said:
If Guru and Narayan appear before me at the same time,I will first bow to the Guru.It is Guru(the exalted personage) who enabled me to see the lord Hari).

33 crore gods are one side and the guru is one side.What results you get if you serve 33 crore gods,you will get same results if you serve the Guru.


Chapter2.2: What is Service,And How many kinds of Service are there?                 Go Up

The sevas of mother,father-husband/wife are worldly services and thus called Sakama services. Social-global,divine and Guru sevas are Nishkama sevas.

Parama Shiva in Guru Gita:
Those who keep away from doing Guru Seva,even if they are Gandharvas,the ancestors,Yakshas,Charans,Rishis ,Siddhas,angels,they cannot attain salvation.

People do different services in different ways.But they do not even consider why they are serving,the fruits of their sevas, and the end results of their services.They do not think over what changes for the better they have undergone, and what they have achieved after years of service.They also do not think of what knowledge they have gained and what experiences they have had.

The devotee must be prudent,but should not be like an OX working in the field. So, O aspirant! Stop doing services that causes fondness,bondage and attachment.Do the best of sevas,the Guru seva,nicely:only then you can get eternal happiness.

Scripture Says:The Guru is the best benevolence.This Guru is the precious divine gift.Guru is the great fixed asset.It is the disciple's duty to serve such a Guru day and night with single minded devotion.

The aspirant may get a doubt here.'What better service will there be other than the services done to the parents?Can't i serve my own people?Is it crime?' Love your people however strong you like.Do whatever service you wish to.There is nothing wrong.Iam not preventing your fruitive action(Karma).But i advise you to change your attitude in performing your fruitfive action.Set right your perceptive.

Love and serve your mother,not as mother,but as godess(Ammavaru)
Love and serve your father,not as father but as a Shiva.
Serving as mother involves fondness and relationship.Serving as goddess is yogam and detachment.
Loving as father is binding,affection.
Loving as Shiva is eternal bliss,enlightment.

If you buy a saree for your daughter just consider her as daughter,it is attachment and fondness. If you do so thinking your daughter is a is yogam and enlightment.This is Divine Life.Like water on a leaf.

If the family members fail to receive or accept our love and service,the fault lies with them.That is not our fault.We should never feel for it,Should we react or get agaited.
It is Sai Seva to love every person as Sai.It is Sai worship to serve every person as Sai.

O Aspirant! Listen,what is known as Guru Seva.Many people believe that serving at the feet of the Guru,sweeping and cleaning the Ashramam,distribution of prasadam are the part of Guru seva.But that is not all.

Loving Sai passionately--thinking of Sai always; Contemplating on the essential nature of Sai--meditating on Sai: Sing paeans in the praise of Sai pastimes-- are all part of Sai Seva


Chapter2.1: What is Service,And How many kinds of Service are there?                 Go Up

1.What is Service?
If we worship an individual,object or matter,we call it Seva(Service).The work that is being done continously in the creation by indivduals,objects and matter is nothing but Seva.

2.What are the types of services?
1.Sakama service(Service with desires).
2.Nishkama Seva(service without desires)
Service done with fondness,selfishness,desire,aspiring for results is called Sakama seva. The glorious service done without fondness,selfishness,desires and without hankering for results is called Nishkama Seva(Seva without desires)
Sakama Seva makes man unholy and make him narrow minded and a pleasure seeker. Nishkama Seva Makes man holy and large hearted and yogi.

3.What are the 2 things the aspirant need to follow?
1.To minimise Sakama Seva 2.To increase Niskama Seva
Shri Krishna Preached about Nishkama seva but not Sakama Seva.Shri krishna calls it Karma Yoga.

4.How is the flow of service takes place from a human being?
Service by man is of 8 kinds:
1.Mother's service 2.Father's service 3.Service to husband 4.Service to wife
5.Social service 6.Global service 7.Divine Service 8.Guru Seva

Listen,Sai makes me characteristics these services:
1.The service of mother-father-husband-wife--base services
2.Social and global services--medicore serviced
3.Divine service--noble service
4.Guru seva--most exalted service(Most noble service)
Mother-father-husband-wife serice is base service because they are done with fondness,affection and egoism etc. Aspirant will become indebted and not get self knowledge and true happiness.
Social and global services are better than the services of household members.But will not get self knowledge.
Divine services leads to give Guru to the devotee
Guru service is most exalted service because disciple will get self realization.The mind is also get destroyed.

Sastras words:
If you visit saints(Sadhus) you will get punya.If you touch then your sins will be relieved.If you talk to them you will get infinete degree of punya
If you prostrate before saint you will get heaven.

Sadhu means one who get self realization.

Chapter1.2: Why Does one need SAI and Offer Service to him?                 Go Up

1.Why do we need to serve Sai?
To make himself free from the sorrows caused by the mind. If mind destroys you will get ultimate happiness.

2.How you can destroy Mind?
That marvellous efficacious, extraordinary energy(power) is called "Guru".

3.Why do we need to destroy mind?
Mind is the main source of man's sorrow,iron curtain between god and man,cause of fondness,attachment and desires.

Yogasikhopanishad says
If the mind is unsteady and capricious,it is called samsara and if it is static, that state is called subtle state of spritual effulgence or attainment of the Self.So mind needs to kept steady and steadyfast on the supreme being by means of theoretical knowledge. If mind is born,there will be world and mundane affairs.If mind is destroyed there will be no world and no mundane matters.

4.Is it easy to destroy mind?
The capacity for immutable meditation on the diety without a break is called "Brahma Gyana Nista".

5.So how to get Brahma Gyana Nista?
The following 4 things have to be accomplished for the purpose
1.A pure mind
2.Kundalini Jagruthi
3.Concentration of the mind.

6.How can devotee get them easily?
Only with the benevolence of the Guru can they be attained easily,quickly and smoothly.

Sharada Matha:If Grace of God is there.Everything is possible.
Lord Vishnu said: By Sadguru benevolence 1.Shiva compassion 2.Brahma kindness 3.Vedas grace are caused.

How can Guru's benevolence be obtained?
1.By doing service to the Guru. 2.By loving the Guru Strongly.

Sai Said:I dont need offerings and worship.I need their mind totally offered to me.

Datreya said:As i rejoices of the Guru,I will never be so even by meditation,various actions or yagnas.Devotion and service tot he Guru is important.This is the only way to please me.

What advantages will be gained by services to Guru:
1.Mind sheds its agitation and becomes calm by just visiting the Guru.
2.The heart will be pure and sinless.
3.The six chakras will be cleaned.
4.There will be material prosperity.

The Guru will arouse kundalini and in seconds Self-Realisation will be attained.Destruction of karma will take place. Unless you serve Sai,One can not be transformed into Shiva. That is why you need Sai and service of Sai

Chapter1.2: Why Does one need SAI and Offer Service to him?                 Go Up

Reap as you have sown. Must do service to Guru. There is not a single disciple of mine worth his name who serves me and love me as I served and loved my Guru --- Shirdi Sai

If someone ventures(Undertake the risk) of drives a car without proper training,there is danger ahead.So also,if people start serving the Guru without knowing three things-- 1.What is meant by Guru, 2.What they expect from the Guru,and 3.How to serve the Guru. --- there is a similar danger.They give up at once.---Ramanananda

The Scriptures assert that Devotion to the Guru and Service to him are not possible unless one has accumulated virtue(Punya) and Divine grace of several births.Sai's life holds a mirror tot his supreme reality.If we make indepth study of the 60 year span of life of Sai,and lives of Sai's devotees,three secrets come to light:
1.All those who served Sai had been associated with him for several previous births.
2.without Sai's protection,his devotees might have suffered heavy loose and hardships.
3.Without Sai's benevolence they might have died ordinarly like other ordinary persons.

Few examples and advantages of Guru Seva- As per destiny,
1.Dasganu had to die at the hands of Kanabil:but Sai did not allow that to happen.
2.Khaparde had to undergo rigorous imprisonment in Andaman central Jail;but Sai prevented it.
3.Megha and noolkar had to die like any other ordinary human beings;but they were liberated into the final and eternal happiness by the grace of Sai.
4.Upasani Baba and Radhakrishna Bai had to die only as devotees;but they attained ascetic perfection and supernatural powers by the grace of Sai.

Like this many devotees who gained: 1.Health and Wealth 2.Jobs and promotions 3.virtue and fame.
The main reason for this had been Sai Seva they did and their devotion connection with Sai in previous births.
Sai Said: "Because of strong affinity between us in previous births,we are fortunate enough to meet each other now.Let us wholeheartedly give one anothera big hug expressing our love,affection, and gratification.I am the servant of my servants.I am indebted to you.I have been waiting to see you."
As Bhagawad gita came to light because of Arjuna's Virtue(Punya),Sai had taken the incarnation on account of the virtues of these dedicated devotees.
Sai himself has Said about the affinity in several previous births connection
1.Shyama-72 previous births
2.Purandare-700 previous births
3.T.A.Kartik-2000 years of Affinity
You did not become a Sai devotee in the birth just for nothing.It is your affinity with Sai in previous birth that you have.Your Future birth depend on how much service you do.

Preface                 Go Up

Incarnations are mainly of 2 kinds: 1.Perfect Incarnation 2.To become incarnate from a portion of the deity.
Many yogis and spiritual masters incarnate on earth from a portion of Supreme Soul.However, Sai's incarnation is perfect.That is the reason why Sai has created unique ambience's(The character and atmosphere of a place) of Sai cult around the world ,influencing millions of people.

Only Sai is ultimate Guru to his devotees.Ordinary Guru's and Sadguru like the aides that guide people to follow Shirdi Sai's Tradition.It is not possible to love and serve Sai always.It is an arduous(difficult) task.Why because Sai is not living Guru visible to naked eye.He is the one who guides his devotees unseen by them.
Due to lack of understanding of the principles,traditions and teachings of Sai ,many devotees are drifting from Genuine Sai principles and propagating his philosophy with Half baked knowledge.
Devotees are mistaking the practioners of magical and occult sciences for siddhis and deities.In the process,ordinary Gurus have came into focus relegating Sai to background.
By reading this books written by such pseudo-spiritual writers,many Sai devotees have drifted from the path of Sai.They are deprived of Sai's Benevolence.

As Lord Shiva Said:
Gods,Kinneras,Gandharvas,yakshas,Saint singers like Tumbura and Narada could not fully know the method of serving the true Guru,and the omnipotence of such service.

I wrote this book at the behest of Sai who is firmly seated in my heart.This is rare,uncommon excellent book written by Sadguru(Virtuous perceptors) ordained by Ultimate Guru(Parama Guru).

O Aspirants!
It has been explained vivdly how to serve Sai in 108 Suktas into 3 kaandas(Sections).You need infinite knowledge and capacity to analyse matters to serve Sai.You need to know Sai Tattva(essential nature) in full of love him.You need to hi teachings.This book contains full knowledge and teachings of Sai to the devotees.
This books also contains Sastras and noble Souls have been quoted as proof and innumerable personal experiences.
This book is the TRIVENI SANGAMAM(the confluences of mythological springs in 3 streams from the head of Lord Shiva).

Who ever dips will become pure with perfect knowledge,get eternal bliss and get's Sai's benevolence quickly and easily.They will touch the Lotus Feet of Sai.They will serve from the path of Sai,and walk straight on it.
This book contains Solutions to several problems,answers to their doubts and explains how to win Sai's love.It has been explained in details how to serve only the Ultimate Guru,Shirdi Sai.Nothing has been said about serving a Sadguru.

O Aspirants!
There are 108 brutish and ignorant modes of mind in a human being.To remove cruel and materialistic tendencies,this book has been written with 108 precepts of service.Those who listen 108 sutras with attention,concentration and deep devotion will have their mind purified.They will get ride of their brutish and crooked ways,and will be free from ignorance.They will be qualified from Self Realization.This will find worth of Sai's abundant benevolence.
This book more than that of "The secret of Shirdi Sai's Benevolence",will show you the essential nature of Sai.Your love for and devotion to Sai will increase immensely.
Study with great zeal and attention!
Get Supreme Bliss!


Introduction                 Go Up

It is pleasure that Shirdi Sai Favoured Swamiji with Atma Darshana Anubuthi ,and asked him to write it in the book form.So Swamiji wrote wonderful book entitled "Atma Darshana Anubuthi"(A Divine Experience of Self-Realisation).The reader of this book asked me to tell them how to have that divine experience.
The result was "Shaktipatham"(Transmission of Divine Power),the second remarkable book. The third unique book,"The secret of Shirdi Sai's Benevolence" came out as an answer to their inquiries how they obtain Guru's benevolence(Anugraham).
Through this book devotees concluded that unless they were constant in their selfless service to the Guru,His benevolence(Anugraha) could not be obtained.When they want to know how to serve the Guru effectively,this amazing book"The secret of Service of Shirdi SAi"(Shirdi Sai Seva Rahasyam) was written for the benefit of those curious devotees.
For a devotee of Shirdi Sai,these four books are 4 doorways to moksha(Emancipation of the soul).

"The Secret of Shirdi Sai's Benevolence" and "The Secret of Service to Shirdi Sai" will be two eyes to a devotee. Whereas "Shaktipatham"(Transmission of Power) is the Third eye,"Atma Darshana Anubuthi"(Divine experience of Self-Realisation) is the heart.
If a believer hears or reads these 4 books once,he/she will become
1.Full fledged Gyani(One who cultivate knowledge by empirical speculation);
2.Besides becoming true devotee of Shirdi Sai.
3.He treads straight on the path of Self Realisation.

He gains Sai's abundant benevolence quickly and easily.
It was on Vijaya Dasami day(Oct 22nd,2004) at 4 Am,Swamiji started writing this holy book under the silence of 72 days(Mouna) estimated that much of time.By writing 10 or 12 hours a day,Swamiji could finish in 45 days.

While writing this book,Sai gave nice experiences to Swamiji.
1.Swamiji had a strange feeling of 3 hours passing off as 3 sec.
2.Sai appeared in the idol of Swamiji family deity when he was in Conscious state.
3.Sai revealed a quite hidden secret that his assoication with Tatya was of 13 births and with Rege 19 births.
4.Sai appeared with Five faces to Swamiji.
5.Sporting a snake around his neck like Lord Shiva,Sai revealed himself to Swamiji clearly.
6.Swamiji saw the face of Sai in the idol installed at the Anugraha Peetam.
7.Swamiji saw a galaxy of deities.
8.When he was in a trance-like state he had a vision of Vinayaka.

This work started in Karthika maasa of Lord Shiva's liking on the Vijaya Dasami day,was thus completed with Sai's Grace for easy understanding by even a layman in a style-- direct,simple,convincing,Expressing every though and emotion perfectly.
Receive this disquistion on divine service and get supreme bless!
In the Service of Shirdi Sai,


Dedication                 Go Up

Prayer to Paramaguru Shirdi Sai by Sadguru Ramanananda Swamy:

I am an invalid incompetent(not having ability) wretch(unfortunate) to hold your hand interminably(forever).So,You only hold my hand forever.

Bless me to:
1.Reflect your precious name.
2.meditate you
3.Throw myself at your lotus feet in obeisence
4.Sing poems in Praise of you forever and ever.
O sai bless me with everlasting peace,enjoyment of divine bliss,Spritual perfection to attain eternal emancipation(Abode of Eswara).
Sri Ramanananda Swamy

This noble,unparralled,uncommon rare,Superior book of beatitude The Secret of Service to Shirdi Sai written with your complete benevolence..and with unending knowledge... with divine experiences and with feelings of Self...gifted by you... is dedicated to your lotus feet with reverence,devotion and divine love.Receive this flower of spritual knowledge and provide me with personal peace,divine happiness & a sense of accomplishment.
Your Disciple


Shodashottara Shatha Pravachana Gnana Maha Yagnam

Shirdi Sai Anugraha Peetam Peetadipathi Sri Ramanananda Maharshi is conducting the 2nd Phase of Jnana Yajnas as part of "SHODASHOTTARA SHATHA PRAVACHANA GNANA MAHA YAGNAM" from April 28th to 4th May, 2011 at 7 different places in Hyderabad followed by "ATMOPADESAM – SHAKTHIPAATHAM".

The following Sevas are available at Jnana Yajnas to attain Shirdi Sai blessings - YAGNA NIRVAHAKA, SAHA YAGNA NIRVAHAKA, AND ANNA DAATHA.

For more details on how to perform Sevas or to attend Shaktipaatham, please call (all are India numbers):
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Sri Ramanananda Maharshi - Shirdi Sai Anugrahpeetam

Introduction and Seva Programs of Tatvadarshi Shaktipaata Siddha Yogiswarulu SiddhaGuru Sri Ramanananda Maharshi.

Among 84 lakh forms of living creatures, the human birth is the greatest and the most precious. It is envied even by the Gods. The main aim, main duty and ultimate goal of human life, all put together, is attaining Self-realization (Atmasaakshaatkara) and acquiring Brahmagyana.

ParamaGuru Shirdi Sai Baba with his grace has bestowed on all the true aspirants seeking Brahmagyana and Atmasaakshaatkara, a SiddhaGuru who is Sri Ramanananda Maharshi.

Tatvadarshi Sri Ramanananda Maharshi was born on April 27, 1968 in the Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh, India. By the grace of Shirdi Sai Baba, Maharshiji attained Atmasaakshaatkara on June 29, 1995 and experienced Nirvikalpa Samadhi for 21 days. With Sai’s grace, Maharshiji authored many great books. He also had the opportunity to interview descendants (sons, grandsons etc.) of 27 direct disciples of Shirdi Sai and wrote about their lives in several volumes by the name Paramaguruvutho Sahajeevanam (Living with Paramaguru). His first books namely Atmadarshana Anubhuti, Shaktipaatam, Shirdi Sai Anugraha Rahasyam and Shirdi Sai Seva Rahasyam are great storehouses of power and knowledge. Maharshiji also composed and sung more than 150 songs (Sankeertanas) on Shirdi Sai Baba.

By the immense grace of ParamaGuru Shirdi Sai, Maharshiji has been blessed with Shaktipaata Siddhi, the ability to transmit divine power to others.
Maharshiji provides Shaktipaatham and Meditation technique (Dhyana Sikshana) to countless people, thereby giving them instant peace, divine visions, freedom from diseases, ability to meditate, etc. and also the ultimate Kundalini Jaagruti.

Sri Ramanananda Maharshiji after completing 12 Years of Shirdi Sai Seva, conducted a massive devotional act called “Gnana Daana Maha Yagna” of bestowing spiritual wisdom by the distribution of one lakh free copies of Shirdi Sai Anugraha Seva Rahasyam (Telugu version).
Many devotees who read this unique book with love and devotion have freed themselves from the restlessness of mind, gained supreme bliss, had divine experiences in their daily life and also had visions of Shirdi Sai Baba. With the instant response and the zeal and diligence of several devotees, Maharshiji decided to distribute One Million (10 Lakh) copies of this compendium in Telugu and other languages.

Until now, Swamiji conducted 36 Gyana Yagnas and the Ashtotthara Satha Pravachana Maha Yagnam was started on 2007 December 16 and is still going on relentlessly throughout India and abroad. He also provides service through Bhakti TV telecast to reach crores of devotees in India and abroad. Many devotees listen to the Pravachanams (Sayings) of Maharshi and are mesmerized by the derived bliss and knowledge, thereby obtaining the grace and blessings of Shirdi Sai to reach the ultimate goal of human life i.e. Self-Realization and Liberation.

Shirdi Sai Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba....A name that requires no introduction. A man who came to Shirdi as a fakir and enlightened the world with his spiritual powers. He is the Greatest Saint of all times 'Paramaguru Sai Baba' God who walked on Earth.

Although most people might have read 'Sai Satcharitra' written the greatest disciple of Sai, Hemadpant, only a few are really following what is said in the book. To express the life of Sai in simple words so that everyone can easily follow in his foot steps, I will be writing about his life, what we should be really doing and how we should follow in the foot steps of Sai. I hope that my sincere effort will atleast enlighten a few minds and I am sure that by Sai's grace I will be able to achieve this.

Sai Baba, one of the foremost saints of modern India, lived in the little village of Shirdi in the State of Maharashtra for sixty years and elevated it to the status of a great spiritual center.

He never preached, toured, nor discoursed. He never advertised himself. He rather shunned and discouraged unnecessary publicity. Yet by the sheer brilliance of his spiritual fire he did draw innumerable devotees to him from all over the country, irrespective of their caste or creed. When he took samadhi in 1918 (i.e., left off his physical body) he never installed anyone as a successor to his spiritual throne at Shirdi. Yet his very power to mould and develop his devotees spiritually is such that even more than 50 years after his samadhi, Sai Baba is still a dynamic spiritual force which countless Indians invoke for their spiritual and material welfare. If he were an ordinary guru would this be possible???
Sai is PARAMAGURU (The greatest of all Sadguru's who came to this earth to spread the truth). He came to this earth to give his devotees "gynam" (gyana or knowledge/understanding). He did with the power of "SAKTHIPATAM". This will be explained in detail in subsequent posts.

Many books have been written of him in various Indian languages. Many great guru's have learnt from his sayings and spreading the "gynam". One such great guru is Sri. Ramanananda Maharshi. Saibaba transfered the power of knowledge to Sri. Ramanananda through Sakthipatam. You can find more about Sri. Ramanananda from the website
He has written some great books, sang some great songs. Please visit the website to learn more.
Saibaba Relevance in this present world
What is of special relevance to present day India in Sai Baba’s gospel and example is that religious and communal differences are meaningless in matters of the spirit.Yet surprising as it may sound, a god-man of his stature and fame is without a name. No one knows his original name, time and place of birth, his religion and caste, not even of his parents. He never revealed the same to anybody. ‘Sai Baba’, the name by which he came to be known, is what has been used by one of his first devotees to greet him on his second arrival at Shirdi. ‘Sai’ means ‘saint’ and ‘Baba’ means ‘father’. The name is thus just an expression of love and reverence due to such a spiritual giant as he, and is not a personal name. He allowed himself to be addressed as such, ever since.All that we definitely know of Sai Baba is that his arrival at Shirdi was very sudden. One day he appeared as a boy of sixteen or seventeen, seated under a neem (or margosa) tree in the outskirts of the village of Shirdi, about the year 1854. However, even this date is not definitely noted.

An old woman of Shirdi, mother of one Nana Chopdar described him thus - “This young lad, fair, smart and very handsome, was first seen under the neem tree, seated in an asana. The people of the village were wonder-struck to see such a young lad practicing hard penance, not minding heat and cold. By day he associated with none, by night he was afraid of nobody. People were wondering and asking whence this young chap turned up. His form and features were so beautiful that a mere look endeared him to all. He went to nobody’s door, but always sat near the neem tree. Outwardly he looked very young but by his action He was really a great soul. He was the embodiment of dispassion and was an enigma to all. One day it so happened that God Khandoba possessed the body of some devotee and people began to ask him “Deva (god), you please tell us what blessed father’s son is this lad and whence did he come?” God Khandoba asked them to bring a pick-axe and dig in a particular place. When it was dug, bricks were found and underneath that, a flat stone. When the stone was removed, a corridor was seen in which four samayis (earthen lamps) were burning. The corridor led to a cellar where cow-mouth shaped structures, wooden boards and necklaces were seen. Khandoba said, “ ‘This lad practiced penance here for 12 years’. Then the people began to question the lad about this. He put them off the scent by telling them that this was his guru’s place, his holy watan (tomb or resting place), and requested them to guard it well. The people then closed the corridor as before.”

“Mahalsapathy was probably the first to introduce himself to Sri Sai Baba; he was so much impressed with the conversation he had with Baba that he thereafter saw him daily and introduced baba to his friends, Kasinath the tailor and Appa Jogle, saying that a fakir Sai Baba had made a sudden appearance on the outskirts of the village near the debris of the village wall, that he is far above the common man, a pure and holy man worth paying respects to. From that time onwards he came to be known as Sai Baba. This trio-Mahalspathy, Kasinath and Joge-daily went to Baba, paid their respects to him and supplied whatever little requirements he had. The news that one Sai Baba had manifested himself near the nimb (neem) tree on the outskirts of the village reached the ears of the late Appa Patil Kote and one day he, with his wife, went to Baba to pay his respects. He (Baba) left his seat, got up and welcomed Appa and told his wife that she had been veritably his sister. The lady Bayajibai, on seeing Baba, was so much impressed that she there and then resolved never to take her food without first feeding Baba.”

At first Sai Baba prescribed and gave medicines to the ailing visitors who sought his help but never charged nor accepted any money for the same. Not only that; if he found that there was none to look after or nurse the patient, he would himself be the nurse and serve him. Once it so happened that his patient failed to observe the rules of diet, etc., that Sai Baba had prescribed and henceforth Baba gave up administering medicine and gave only his ‘udi’ or holy ashes for their relief.Raghuji Gannapat Scinde Patel refers to this incident in his account: “As soon as Baba came to Shirdi, one Amanbhai, a Moslem gave him food. That Amabhai was visiting my mavusi’s (grand mother’s) house occasionally. Her son Ganapat Hari Kanade, aged thirty five, had leprosy and fever. Amanbhai told her that a holy man had come to his house and that he could treat her son. Then Baba came in and saw the patient and told Ganapat to catch a cobra courageously, as the cobra would not bite a leper. Ganapat caught a cobra and out of its poison, the medicine was prepared and given to Ganapat. He began to improve in a few days. But he did not observe Baba’s injunction to avoid sex-pleasures. So Baba stopped giving him further treatment. The disease developed and Ganapat died.Baba came to this very house to treat my younger brother Bhagoji, who was suffering from fever, at a very critical period, when death was imminent. Baba gave him some medicine and further had him branded with red-hot irons (one on each temple and one on the back). Bhagoji recovered his health, escaped death and fever.”Young ‘Sai Baba’ (even this title was not conferred on him by that time) stayed under the neem tree for about three years but suddenly left Shirdi. No one knew where he went or why. After a year or so, he again returned to Shirdi and stayed on there till his mahasamadhi in 1918 i.e., for sixty years.Where Saibaba was during the interval between his first and second visits to Shirdi is not definitely known. However, some vague hints are given by some devotees. For instance, Amoolchand Chandrabhan Seth of Rahata says. “My elder cousin Khusal Bhav who died on 5-11-1918 has told me that Sai Baba lived in a chavadi (now in ruins) at Rahata for some months or so; that previously Sai Baba lived with a Moslem saint Ali (Akbar Ali perhaps) whose portrait is still kept in our gin i.e., ‘Rahatekar’s gin’ near Wadia Park at Ahmednagar; that Daulu Sait had seen Baba with the saint at Ahmednagar and that Baba came from Ahmednagar to live at Rahata and then went to live at Shirdi.”